id Software Open Sources Wolfenstein Return to the Castle and Enemy Territory Source Codes

id Software is famous for open sourcing there games and engines after a few years of release. This serves as a great educational tool and helps small-time developers and enthusiasts have a clear understanding of game development.


Keeping this trend, id Software has made their latest release, which includes two of the most popular Wolfenstein titles Enemy Territory and Return to the Castle. The announcement was made at the recent QuakeCon event. John Carmak, the master programmer at id Software made the announcement that can be  seen at this post.

The code is released under GPL thus allowing for commercial reuse and modification with proper credit to the source for the code. Codes are available for Enemy Territory, Return to the Castle single player and Return to the Castle multi player.

It is good to see that id Software has taken this step. However, these stagnant and age-old codes will not serve much purpose as they are from years ago. Currently, game development has seen a major overhaul of development process. However, we expect to see some innovative design using these codes in near future.

The source code is available at the  id Soft’s FTP site.


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