How to transform Ubuntu(Gnome) into Windows XP desktop

You are using Linux desktop for advanced features and security, but do you still miss the Windows XP looks and layout?

There are many options, using which, you can tinker around and experiment with themes and icons etc., until you get that perfect XP look for your Linux Box running Gnome.
Well, the good news is that you can now theme Gnome desktop, completely into XP style, using a single script.

PhrankDaChicken has launched XpGnome script that transforms Ubuntu (Gnome) into Windows XP look-alike.
You can download the script from here .

transform gnome into windows xp
transform gnome into windows xp

The script changes the following components:

  • Icons
  • GTK
  • Metacity
  • Usplash
  • GDM theme
  • Mouse
  • Panel background
  • Desktop background
  • Nautilus tree view

It deletes all the Gnome panels and adds a new panel at the bottom with:

  • Start Menu
  • Show Desktop
  • Window switcher
  • Notification area
  • Volume control
  • Clock

But as a general rule with Linux, be prepared for things to screw up.
So, in case if you want to get your old and working desktop back by reverting the settings. Simply run the Restore_Settings script in the restore folder.

Here is a complete video tutorial on how to install and then revert XpGnome script, on Youtube.

So why does anyone want this script?

Techie-buzz verdict: This script is for people who often screw their Windows XP desktop. So, now they can have a stable Linux OS with familiar Windows Xp looks and feel.