How To Install EiskaltDC++ [Ubuntu 9.10 and Ubuntu 10.04]

EiskaltDC++ is a DC++ alternative to the old Linuxdcpp client. It has a rather nice interface and has a few more functions than Linuxdcpp.

EiskaltDC++ is a program for UNIX-like systems that uses the Direct Connect and ADC protocol. It is compatible with other DC clients, such as the original DC from Neomodus, DC++ and derivatives. EiskaltDC++ also interoperates with all common DC hub software.

To install EiskaltDC++ in Ubuntu 10.04 or Ubuntu 9.10, open terminal follow the folloeing steps:

Add the PPA with the command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tehnick/tehnick

Update the program list with the command:

sudo apt-get update

Finally, install EiskaltDC++ with the command:

For stable version:

sudo apt-get install eiskaltdcpp

For unstable version:

sudo apt-get install eiskaltdcpp-unstable

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  • areopagitul

    it works very well on ubuntu 10.04

    thank you very much.

    i hope it will be included into next versions of ubuntu by default

    • Good to know that it helped.
      Unfortunately it will not be included by default in Ubuntu 10.10.

  • Thank you! This is the best DC++ client I have found for Linux.
    As the traditional LinuxDcpp is really bad.

  • Rakesh

    Is there a way to send the eiskalt to a tray icon/ panel icon ?????

  • I found this very unhelpful.

    • But it makes perfect sense?!

    • @[1486456677:2048:Jack Paulley] , i’m just going to clarify- i was fraped. i’m sorry, ricky laishram, your guide was actually very helpful and infomative.

    • informative*