How To get involved in Ubuntu Development

The Ubuntu Developer Week is an initiative taken by the senior Ubuntu members to involve newer members into the vibrant Ubuntu community. UDW gets all kinds of Ubuntu users involved in the Ubuntu development process. From translators to programmers, from novice Linux users to advanced Ubuntu users, everyone can participate in this event to learn about contributing to Ubuntu or to help others get started.

UDW is held via IRC chat sessions on the server in the following chatrooms :

#ubuntu-classroom : In this room, the Senior Developers are actually explaining the various processes of getting involved with Ubuntu, usually with a guided step-by-step example. This session does not have any other chatting banter other than an occasional point clarified from other senior members.

# ubuntu-classroom-chat : This is the room for questions regarding topics being discussed in the   #ubuntu-classroom chat room. This helps in filtering out the noise in the main session window. The senior developers are multi-tasking individuals who manage to discuss the main topics in the classroom while at the same time answering questions in the classroom-chat chat room.

As has been already posted, Ubuntu Developer Week was held between 31st August to 4th September.

Some interesting sessions held were :

  • Getting Started with Ubuntu Development
  • Linux Kernel Triaging and Debugging
  • Packaging Perl modules
  • Translation for Developers

For all those still interested in topics such as above, it’s not too late !

Daniel Holbach, one of the key guys in Ubuntu Developer Week and the regular hangout in the #ubuntu-classroom IRC chatrooms has summarized the session details and saved the IRC logs for us. You can access them directly from the following links :

Please make it a point to thank Daniel for his efforts.

Finally, learning for past mistakes, let us make sure we do not miss another of these highly informative sessions. The next series is called Ubuntu Open Week and details of how to participate, the schedule, etc.   can be found here. Make sure to mark your calendars with the event dates !!