How to Enable Font Smoothing in Wine

I had covered Font Smoothing in Ubuntu, in one of my previous posts.

A good font display is a top priority for me because without good fonts, any application howsoever good it might be looks like a sloppy Sunday night’s work.

Now, getting font smoothing on Ubuntu is easy. It involves editing a file to enable autohint but these smoothings are not applicable to Wine. On top of that, most of the times, the fonts of Windows  applications running in Wine are highly aliased and appear broken, sometimes illegible. This can be corrected with applying font smoothing inside Wine.

To do this, there are many tutorials which require you to create a registry key inside wine and do heavy tweaking. To keep things simple, there is an easy way out. Follow the tutorial here.

Wine Fonts
Wine Font Smoothing

[ Screenshot from Ubuntu Forums ]

This tutorial includes downloading a simple bash script, and installing it, in two easy steps through the command line. Your font rendering in Wine should improve considerably after this tweak.

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