How to Customize the Ubuntu Startup

Ubuntu users have a huge array of options regarding softwares. That is one thing that i like about Ubuntu, and clearly, as some people say, it is the best thing that happened to Linux.

In one of my previous posts, I had  talked about customizing startup on Ubuntu. So here it is again, but this time with some GUI. For this to work ,you need to install a software which  goes by the name of SUM(Startup Manager).

Install startup manager by entering sudo apt-get install startupmanager into your terminal.

Now, you are all set to go once the installation is complete. Startup manager lets you customize the :

  1. Boot menu timeout.
  2. Boot menu resolution.
  3. Boot menu background.
  4. Bootsplash theme.

This is a list of the customizations we generally like to make. You can start by changing the boot order as against the previous tedious way I had talked about.

The boot menu background does not come off too well ,so try and use an image with some less colour depth.

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