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MySQL fans from around the world have joined forces to save the project from going into the hands of database giant Oracle, which has set out to buy Sun Microsystems. Sun Microsystems is the current owner of MySQL, the open source database which is extremely famous all over the world as a database server for websites.


Most of the web servers in this world are running on a LAMP server in which, M represents MySQL with L, A and P for Linux, Apache and PHP respectively. MySQL enthusiasts fear that once Oracle acquires Sun Microsystems, the MySQL project will be left at the mercy of Oracle which might as well decide to shut the project down. Speculations are, after the acquisition, Oracle will level out all competition against its primary product and will also increase costs and licensing fees. This will make the small scale businesses pay badly.

The fear has led to MySQL fans creating a campaign and a website to host their cause at

Some interesting facts at this post of the blog of the MySQL creator Michael “Monty” Widenius, are:

  • Oracle has offered to buy MySQL twice before.
  • Oracle faces losses amounting to $1 billion USD per year because of MySQL.
  • Rumors are that the recent Sun layoff were hijacked by Oracle, many of the fred were from MySQL group.
  • Oracle’s last acquisition of Open Source software, InnoDB resulted in slow-down of development.
  • One major demand of the helpmysql campaign is that MySQL be released under Apache Software License now and forever.
  • According to a poll, there is only a 0.7% of people who trust Oracle on MySQL.

With these fishy things going on, we should really go ahead and support the MySQL community. You can visit the website and offer any help you can.

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  • R veda

    It is all about money. Why did Monty see it for $1 billion

    He wants to buy it back for lesser.

    Mr Monty if you forgot: You can't have your cake and eat it too. This whole campaign about MySQL is misleading.

  • Anurag Upadhaya

    Nice post. I signed up the petition this morning, i also support this cause.

  • TY

    This petition is a joke. MySQL creator Michael “Monty” Widenius had EVERY opportunity in the world to put all these defensive measures into his sales agreement with Sun.

    But chose to take the US$1billion instead.

    MySQL creator Michael “Monty” Widenius had every opportunity to make a fortune AND retain control over MySQL by having an IPO instead of selling to Sun.

    He chose to take the US$1billion instead.

    Now we're supposed to help him?

    Until there is an actual problem with Oracle MySQL, it's all fear mongering by MySQL creator Michael “Monty” Widenius and free publicity for his new Maria DB.

    Wow. What a concept: Sell DB1 for US$1billion. Then cry like a baby in order to generate buzz about DB2.

    Only suckers and naive people will support this petition. MySQL was sold down the river when MySQL creator Michael “Monty” Widenius took his US$1 billion and put it in the bank.