GRUB2: Version 1.98 Release

GRUB2 has recently released its version 1.98 with many added functionalities. The last version of GRUB, GRUB 1.97 which was later renamed to GRUB2 brought major changes to GRUB. This made common software based on the initial version of GRUB, namely SUM, useless. It also caused a reduced functionality. Putting windows as the preferred OS also required more than just moving the codes up and down. It required us to read the script and understand how it works before attempting any hack and mod.

Following the success of the modular GRUB2, there has been an update in GRUB2. The latest version comes with many changes like,

  • Support for multiple terminals.
  • New GRUB reboot.
  • Storing passwords in an encrypted format.
  • Unit testing framework.
  • Support for GNU/HURD.

These are only some changes made over the new features of GRUB2. The features of GRUB2 include,

  • Cygwin compatibility.
  • Password protection.
  • EXT4 File system support.
  • Ability to load new kernels.

This makes GRUB2 an instant hit with many security features. The only thing that I miss with GRUB2, is the level of customization. It would really help if a fully functional version of SUM is ported over to run with GRUB2.

More details and the changelog can be found at this official page.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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