GParted : Must have Linux Software


Windows has many limitations on the number and types of partitions we can create. Also, it becomes very hard to edit or modify the system partition in Windows. There are third party softwares like Norton Partition Magic which let us do just that but they come for a price, and are not very user friendly.

GParted is a Linux software which lets us manage our partitions, all for free. GParted is written completely in the C++ language and is pretty lightweight as it uses GTK+ frontend. It can detect, read and create all major file system. GParted can run at the boot level. This gives it unrestricted access to all partitions. Some of the features of GParted are:

  • It can Create or delete partitions. With GParted, we can also set partition types while creating partitions and bypass the windows limit on the number and types of partitions.
  • GParted also lets us resize and move partitions. This helps us rearrange data.
  • We also have options of copying and pasting full partitions.

But these are not the only reasons to use GParted. GParted is available along with many Linux distributions as well as a standalone Live CD which can be downloaded here: Download GParted Live CD

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