Gnome Desktop Project Decides to Split away from GNU Project

The Gnome Desktop Project has decided to split away from the GNU Project and wants to work independently from now on.


The letter written by Philip Van Hoof to the Gnome Foundation mailing List clearly indicates and hints this wish of a number of Gnome developers.

You, as one of the key FSF people, appear to be keen[1] on enforcing a
strict policy on how GNU’s member-projects should behave. So …

I propose to have a vote on GNOME’s membership to the GNU project.

> I think Planet GNOME should have a rule to this effect.

I think it’s clear that I disagree. Philosophically.

As evident from this mail, the Senior Gnome Developer wants a vote on whether to run Gnome development under the GNU project or under a separate project. All this fired up after a post made on Planet GNOME, the official Gnome blog which aggregates RSS from blogs of all Gnome members.

The post in question, made by Gnome founder  Miguel de Icaza who also happens to be the current Vice President of Novell, can be found here. There is some interesting formal heat exchange in the comments, so do not forget to check them out as well.

This decision seems to have resulted from dissatisfaction of De Icaza on being at the receiving end for making this post. The decision of the split, though lies exclusively at the hands of the community.

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