GNOME 3.0 Will Feature A New User Guide

The Gnome Team is very enthusiastic about the new Gnome 3.0 help. This help is being created by the Gnome Documentation team and they are using Mallard to rewrite the complete help for Gnome. Included in this reform are some Gnome applications as well.


The use of Mallard will render a better quality help system for Gnome 3.0.

Mallard is a markup language that makes it easier for you to provide better user help for your software. Mallard documents are  topic-oriented: They provide information in small chunks that match your users’ needs without forcing them to read lengthy manuals.

The earlier help files were created using a Docbook XML but Mallad here is a new XML language and will need some quick learning for the documentation writers.

The goal of this rewrite is to get users to the topic they are looking for instantly. The applications included in this rewrite list are  Banshee,  Brasero,  Cheese,  F-Spot,  gLabels,  Rhythmbox and  Tomboy.

The Documentation team is also offering help on using Mallard if you want to contribute to the new Gnome Help.

A new user guide will simply help newbies in Getting Things Gnome!
(Via: Paul Cutler’s Blog)

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