Gnome 3.0 delayed till September 2010

Gnome 3.0 has been generating a lot of buzz, especially with the availability of Gnome-Shell. The current version of Gnome is Gnome 2.28. Back in 2008, at the GUADEC ’08 conference, it was decided that Gnome version 2.3 will be released as Gnome 3.0. There were plans for its release in March next year, following the bi-monthly release cycle from March this year.


Vincent Untz from Gnome now states that there is a good chance of the release being pushed to September 2010. If that is the case, then Gnome 3.0 would actually be Gnome 2.32 and not Gnome 2.30 as speculated earlier.

This letter from Vincent Untz asks for an opinion from the Gnome-Shell development and Gnome release teams on whether the release should be in September or March.


The release team is gathering comments from various teams to get a
proper idea of which of March or September 2010 is more appropriate for
the release of GNOME 3.0. The decision for the release date is following
what we set in the 3.0 planning document [1]: we want 3.0 to be out in
2010, but we also want to make sure that 3.0 is rock-solid; your input
will help us take an informed decision.

It’d be great if someone could summarize the status of the work that is
being done in GNOME Shell, and how March or September would work for
you. (Oh, and I know Owen sent a mail to d-d-l, but let’s pretend I
didn’t see it ;-))



Now it is all up to the development team to decide if they can compromise the six months release cycle for a better quality and bug free Gnome 3.0. Red Hat’s Owen Taylor says that the Gnome 3.0 released in April will still be in a beta stage.
I guess, we can all wait for a stable release. We have enough fingers pointing at buggy Open Source software already, and don’t need one more in the list.

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