gMusicBrowser : must have Ubuntu Software

I have tried out almost all music players on Linux, but none could handle all my needs. Most of them have a high initialization time, some are dead slow while some others faster ones seriously lack features.


But gMusicBrowser is possibly the best music player we can have on Linux, particularly Ubuntu in particular. Written in perl, this media player supports mp3, flac, ogg and mpc formats. With a GTK+ fontend, the UI is extremely smooth and lightweight, although not as visually appealing as QT based applications.

Some of the exclusive features of  gMusicBrowser are:

  1. Customizable layout, to arrange the player layout according to your needs.
  2. Support for playing songs from the same album, albums from the same artist and likewise.
  3. Mass tagging and renaming, with support for fetching tags from filename.
  4. Built in plugins for lyricc and scrobbling.
  5. Support for large libraries, making it more of a jukebox than a simple music player.

For those who use Amarok and Exaile, I recommend you try out gMusicBrowser at least once. [ Via WebUpd8 ]

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