FOSS Friday | WordPress vs. Thesis, Mandriva Drags on and Ubuntu keeps getting Better

This week in FOSS, we see a variety of happenings. As always, Ubuntu is generating buzz with the latest Unity theme and Mandriva Linux, which appeared dead earlier has resurrected.

GPL causes tension between WordPress and Thesis creator DIY Themes

GPL has some confusing rules and terms. WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg has accused Chris Pearson of  DIY Themes for GPL infringement. He has raised an issue citing that WordPress is released under GPL and Thesis is based around WordPress but is closed.

However, Chris Pearson has a strong defense pointing out that WordPress is like a platform and Thesis is based around WordPress but does not inherit any code from it. That makes it free of any GPL bindings. However, upsetting WordPress creators will land Thesis in an uncomfortable position.

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Mandriva comes back, planning to stay afloat for now

Mandriva Linux went into oblivion a few months ago when the company behind it shut down. However, some organizations depended on Mandriva for their business and decided to bring Mandriva back on track.

Therefore, Mandriva will live for now. However, it will be distributed exclusively and will be available on OEMs from now onwards.

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Unity Ubuntu theme aims for features

Unity theme for Ubuntu will be available from the next version onwards and has an impressive lightweight interface. However, the folks at Ubuntu have decided to focus on features and functionality of the theme now. With that in mind, the theme sports new features like Quicklists and global search.

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