FOSS Friday: Lightworks Goes Open-source, Oracle halts Free OpenSolaris CD And More

This week has been profitable for Open Source. We have seen the open sourcing of two software products and a lot more.


  • Lightworks, an Academy Award winning software goes open-source
  • Lightworks is an academy award winning non-linear video editor. It has recently been open sourced by the holding company Editshare. Editshare has released Lightworks as a platform. This allows developers to write code for Lightworks plugins as well. We had covered the news of this open-sourcing. Also see  OMG!Ubuntu.

  • Nvidia Releases First OpenGL 4.0 Driver
  • Nvidia has released its first OpenGL driver for Linux. This driver is labelled and will support all Fermi GPUs. The deprecated functionalities of older drivers will not be discarded though. Read more here.

  • On2 might become open-source, thanks to Google
  • Newteevee has shed light on the possible open-sourcing of the On2 video codec Google acquired earlier this year. Currently, H.264 and Ogg Theora are fighting to get the open-web standard. If this goes through, Google will introduce an unbeatable contender in the video codec race. Read more here.

  • Oracle stops free OpenSolaris CD. Will others follow?
  • Oracle has stopped distributing free OpenSolaris CDs. Though, you can still download the CD image from the website. The OpenSolaris community is also planning on forking OpenSolaris. Read more at the H-Online.

How To

  • Connect Tata Photon Whiz of Plug2Surf in Linux
  • Connecting Tata Photon Whiz with Linux is easy. You just need to install wvdial and proceed with the tutorial given here.

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