Fluffy Linux – For Those Who Like Pink, Bunnies And Unicorn

Pink, Bunnies and Unicorns are what you will most probably find in a little girl’s room and certainly not in a Linux distro. But now there is Fluffy Linux with all the pink-ness (if there is such a word), bunnies, unicorn and, of course, fluffiness you can find. Here is a screenshot to make everything clear:

Like Hannah Montana Linux before it, Fluffy Linux is not exactly a completely new linux distribution. It is actually Kubuntu with a customized theme and apps which are modified to make them look “fluffier” and more pink.

Fluffy Linux came into being at this year’s KDE MM + Edu Sprint. It actually started out as a theme for Parley. This is what Herald Sitter, one of the two people behind Fluffy, has to say about Fluffy:

Fluffy will introduce Linux and the idea of Free/Libre Open Source Software to everyone who enjoys a pink,fluffy and good looking desktop.  Fluffy is not about writing letters or doing one’s taxes,  Fluffy is about enjoying Linux and KDE software in the best way possible. It replaces a boring computer with a world of wonders and imagination, where everything seems to be alive and an amazing graphical experience is waiting around every corner.
A world of unicorns and bunnies and fluffyness.

Fluffy Linux is certainly not for me. What do you think?

You can ge more pictures at Herald’s blog.

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