Fedora Lives Upto Its Tradition – Fedora 14 Delayed

Well, delayed release has become a tradition of sort with Fedora. The last five releases of Fedora were all delayed and, unsurprisingly, the next version, that is Fedora 14 codenamed Laughlin, is also delayed.

Fedora 14 was actually scheduled to be released on 26th October, but now it has been pushed back by a week. If things go well from now onwards, Fedora 14 will now be released on 2nd November.

Apart from all the bleeding edge features that a new Fedora release always brings, one of the main aims on Fedora 14 was to actually ship it on time. But this time too things did not go their way. The Fedora Release Engineering and Quality Assurance Team feel that they need some extra time to eliminate chances of blocker bugs.

This is what Fedora Project Leader, Jared Smith, wrote in the Fedora mailing list announcing the delay:

During composition of any further release candidates, the Fedora Release Engineering and Quality Assurance teams plan to be quite conservative in the updates they pull into the release candidates, so that we don’t inadvertently create more blocker bugs. I’d also like to thank those who have really pushed hard to try to get the Alpha into shape. In particular, the Release Engineering team put in a lot of extra hours to compose our release candidates, and the QA team did a fantastic job of testing the release candidates and knocking out as many blocker bugs as possible.

While I regret the fact that the schedule has slipped, I’m confident it was the right decision to ensure that Fedora 14 is a rock-solid ┬árelease.

Let us hope that it does not get any more delays.

You can see the Fedora 14 release schedule here.

[via Phoronix]

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