Fedora 14 Beta Releases Today, Brings a Glimpse of New Exciting Features

Fedora 14 is nearing its next release and claims significant improvement over the already awesome Fedora 13. Fedora 13 is a remarkable fork of Red Hat and it keeps getting better with each release.


In the latest release, Fedora has strongly held its earlier ideology of a distro that people can tinker and play with. The changes include updated programming languages, better development tools and debugging support.

Fedora 14 will be the first Fedora to see the KDE 4.5 from KDE 4.x series. The KDE desktop in Fedora 14 is more polished than ever and the panels are my personal favorite. However, the ease of access on Gnome is unmatched. The KDE 4.5 in Fedora has some comparable claims and is worth a try. The new Fedora also has a new library to support better JPEG handling with an increase of 25% in performance. The inclusion of Linux kernel version 2.6.35 claims better support for laptops and finally, there is some exclusively good news for developers.

Fedora 14 will sport many new development tools like Ruby on Rails 3.0, Netbeans 6.9, JavaFX 1.3 and more. Put simply, the new release of Fedora will be a favorite with both developers and users alike.

The first beta release is scheduled to release today and can be downloaded here. The final version is scheduled for 2nd November 2010.

(Image via : Linuxdistributions)

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