Fedora 13 Codename Goddard: Features

Fedora 13 promises a rich set of features. The features are still being worked upon and include the Btrfs file system which allows file system snapshots and the NFSv4 allowing better NFS capabilities over IPV6.

The Btrfs file system also allows us to defragment the drives online. The inclusion of the Btrfs file system aims primarily at the snapshot system which will take a snapshot before every yum upgrade. This will let us roll back to the previous stable system in case of a glitch. The Btrfs is not available as the default file system and has to be installed separately.

Another feature that we might see in Fedora 13 will be NFSv4. This protocol will allow us to mount NFS servers on IPV6 in Fedora 13.

The release of Fedora 13 will be codenamed Goddard and will come out sometime next year. The decision was taken after a proper voting was issued. The result of the voting was seen as:

1. Goddard 1177
– –[ Cut Off ] —
2. Langstrom 1009
3. Gloriana 977
4. Botany 922
5. Loana 707
6. Truro 654
7. Manfredi 504

The winner and the only name to win the cut off votes was the name Goddard. More information on this can be found here.

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