Fedora 11 Available For Downloads

Fedora the popular Linux distro has finally released Fedora 11 an update over Fedora 10 which was just released around 7 months ago, this new release includes several changes to Fedora Desktop among other things.


You can view the major changes in Fedora 11 by visiting the Fedora 11 tour wiki page or you can take a look at the Fedora 11 screenshot tour.

Fedora 11 Installation Splash Fedora 11 Install Softwares

Fedora 11 Login Screen  Fedora 11 KDE Desktop With Widgets

Fedora 11 Gnome 2.26 Programming in NetBeans Fedora 11 Gnome - Firefox and Pidgin IM

KDE 4.2.2 Playing Wormux Fedora 11 Gnome - Edit Images in GIMP

Which Linux distro do you prefer to use? Are you a Fedora user? Do let us know.

Download Fedora 11

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