Facebook Deleting Photos Uploaded Using KDE Applications

If you are a KDE user who have used KDE applications to upload photos to Facebook, prepare for something you will have never expected. Facebook has done two things which are sure to piss off a lot of KDE users:

  • They have blocked the KIPI plugin
  • They have removed all the photos uploaded using the KIPI plugin

The KIPI (KDE Image Plugin Interface) Plugin is a common plugin structure used by many KDE applications to share image plugins among graphic libraries. Many KDE applications such as Gwenview, Digikam and KPhotoAlbum uses the KIPI plugins to upload photos to social networking sites like Facebook. Now, it seems like Facebook has banned KIPI. When users try to upload images using any application using the KIPI plugin they are getting an “Invalid API key” error message.

The problem with these KDE applications does not end here. Not only are these KDE applications banned, all photos that users have uploaded using these applications have also been removed from Facebook.

A bug report regarding this has already been filed at kde.org:

When I try to upload a picture to Facebook using KIPI plugin, it gives an error message “Facebook Call Failed: Application has been deleted”.

I also noticed that previously uploaded pictures that were uploaded using KIPI disappear from my Facebook account. other pictures that were not uploaded using KIPI are displaying fine.

However, it seems like this is an issue with Facebook not the KDE applications. A few days back, there was a problem of Facebook’s ban bot getting out of control and banning innocent applications. In all probability it seems like KIPI too has been hit by the Facebook ban bot as well.

The KDE developers have already filed for a bug report in Facebook asking for KIPI to be restored. Let us see what happens now.

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