Deluge: BitTorrent Client

Deluge, the popular Bit Torrent client has just released their version 1.2.0. Deluge is completely written in Python and uses GTK+ for the front-end. It is specially made for the XCFE and Gnome desktop environments. Deluge offers fast torrent downloads and has support for multiple trackers.

The best thing about Deluge is that it is cross platform, free licensed under the GPL and has a smooth UI. Deluge also works equally good for many other desktop environments including KDE and is not just restricted to Gnome.

Deluge has some awesome features making it one of the good torrent softwares for linux:

  • Deluge has support for a web UI, a console UI and a GTK+ based UI.
  • It supports proxy connections.
  • It has support for ĀµTorrent Peer Exchange.
  • It allows private torrents.
  • It has an amazing plugin support allowing adding more features.
  • It allows bandwidth distribution among downloads, allowing speed management.
  • It allows password protecting torrent downloads.

You can try out Deluge at the official download page.

Ubuntu users can get the download of their .deb package at this page.

Another popular torrent clients to try out in Linux is Transmission which is an in-built client. Deluge has many added features over Transmission and the package download for Ubuntu given above is specifically for Ubuntu 9.04 and above.

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