Dell Releases Chromium OS for the Mini 10v

Today, Dell’s Technology Strategist, Doug Anson announced that a Chromium OS build for the Mini 10v netbook is available for download from their website.

Chromium OS is the open source version of Google’s Chrome OS. Like Chrome OS, it is a minimalist operating system with just a browser – Chromium browser. Chrome OS and Chromium OS are quite similar to each other except for a few things like verified boot.

The only known problem with the Chromium OS build for the Mini 10v is that sound is broken. Dell, with the help of Broadcom, has managed to get the Wi-Fi on the Mini 10v working, though.

So, if you own a Dell Mini 10v and want to get a feel of Chrome OS, you should consider installing this build that Dell has released. First you will need to download the image file from Dell’s server.

Download Chromium OS for Dell Mini 10v


  1. Installing Chromium OS will wipe out your hard drive.
  2. Dell does not provide support for Chromium OS.

After downloading the file, extract the file. If you are on Linux you can do it with the command,

$ gunzip ChromiumOS_x86_May13.img.gz

If you are on Windows, you can extract it using applications such as WinZip and 7-zip.

After extracting, you will get an IMG file. Make a bootable flash drive with the ISO file. Boot the Mini 10v from the flash drive and login using the username dell and password dell1234.

Once logged in, press ALT+CTRL+L to bring up the Terminal. In the terminal, type

$ install

Once that is done, type

$ exit

The terminal will close. Reboot and you should have Chromium OS on your Mini 10v.

[source: H-Online]

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