Ambitious Decentralized Projects That Aim to Create a Better Internet

YaCy Decentralized Search

We have covered YaCy search and it is impressive. It is a decentralized search, based on P2P technology. The search index is present on each peer and this is requested by anyone who is connected to the peer directly or indirectly.
The YaCy network treats all users as equal and it shares the index with all users. The index is managed by the users on the network, and everyone has a copy. So, it is very hard to censor results in YaCy. YaCy search is covered in detail in this post.

YaCy is a good idea. However, it is only for expert users. Moreover, a poisoned index can easily dominate a YaCy network. This makes it perfect for an idealistic world.

Decentralized ideas are drool-worthy. However, not all of them are able to add business value to the world. I really wish one of these projects give their better counterparts a run for their money.

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