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Meshnet and Reddit’s Darknet Plan

Reddit is orgasmic for any geek. It does not matter if you are a film geek, a computer geek or a comic-book geek. Reddit has a place for all of you. Reddit is a perfect example of a website that goes to the next level, all because of its awesome community.

The computer geeks at Reddit, especially engineers, are executing a bold plan, of creating an Internet without any censorship.

The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it. This subreddit is dedicated to organizing and creating a global mesh network that will establish a truly free Internet.

SOPA is a threat to the Internet. It will kill net-neutrality. It is a clear attempt of the US government to take control over the Internet, something that threatens every other country out there. Everyone who has used the Internet of today will hate SOPA for all its limiting capabilities.

The geeks at Reddit did not find SOPA acceptable, and decided that something needs to be done about this. With this motivation, they set out to create an Internet that will not be bossed around by anyone. In this Meshnet, there will be free flow of ideas.

What next? A Subreddit was created for Meshnet and they started working on logo designs.

Although this plan seems highly immature, this Subreddit has all the right people working on it. This censorship-free Internet will be based on a peer-to-peer architecture, thus giving it some anonymity. The Meshnet subreddit has 10,000 users with over 200,000 visits.

This is a wonderful idea, but it might fail because of the lack of practicality. Let us go back to where the Internet came from, and how it became much more. The journey from being a file-sharing network to an information warehouse is decades long. In this time crunch, Meshnet might end up being another illegal P2P file-sharing service. Moreover, a successful mesh will require continuous pockets of urban areas, but these meshes will still have to piggyback on the Internet somewhere to reach further. This runs the risk of fragmentation and the Meshnet might have redundancy issues.

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