Create Bootable USB Drive for CentOS/RedHat

ISO2USB is a handy utility for users who want to create bootable USB drives for CentOS or RedHat 5.X. You can create the bootable CentOS or RedHat USB drive by using your install CD or ISO image file.

Create Bootal CentOS/RedHat 5.x USB Drive

You can then use the USB stick to perform installations on computers which do not have optical drives. ISO2USB also supports custom installations disks.

The bootable USB drive can perform the full install and does not require network support.

Download ISO2USB

One thought on “Create Bootable USB Drive for CentOS/RedHat”

  1. i tried this method with redhat 6.3 dvd iso but after the kernel boots and give the language & keyboard options — the installer (anaconda) says cannot find installation media after selecting “hard drive”. i tried with all available drives including sda and sdb but with no luck.

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