How to Create a Bootable Ubuntu 11.10 USB Disk

Ubuntu 11.10 was released a few days ago. It has vast improvements over the last version that was praised by people. The new Unity interface and behind-the-scene changes are remarkable. Moreover, when it comes to trying out Ubuntu, there are equally flexible options. You can  try it online, or as it has always been with Ubuntu, you can try it using a live CD.

Unetbootin  has been the  tool of choice for creating Ubuntu live CDs  all this long. This time, Canonical is going with a new tool call Universal USB Installer. Universal USB Installer has been around for a long time. However, it is good to see that Ubuntu allows new tools to gain from its own popularity. Unetbootin has earned its fame, and now, Universal USB Installer is on its way to fame.

To create a bootable Ubuntu USB drive installer, go to this download page for  Universal USB Installer  and download the software. It is sized at around 1 MB and it does not require any installation.

Select Ubuntu 11.10 from the drop-down list at the first screen. Subsequently, you can either download the ISO file from the application itself, or select a  downloaded Ubuntu 11.10 ISO file.


The persistent file-size allows us to have a portable functional operating system with user-files. This makes it a wonderful choice for portability. Clicking on Create’ will create your portable USB disk. Make sure you have secured all your important files on the removable disk.

Once you have a bootable disk with this software, you can install Ubuntu using it or use it as a portable Ubuntu installation.

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  • Srinivas Murthy G R

    I created a Xubuntu 11.10 persistent usb with Live USB install and it worked fine. I then installed nvidia current drivers, vlc etc which also worked fine. However after shutting down, I am unable to boot into Xubuntu-persistent as it asks for login name and password. I have tried all sorts of combinations without success, including going to the console and typing a password. Xubuntu without persistent works fine even now, but without drivers. What is the login name and password? Is there any way to avoid it?

    • Claius Drud

      I have had exactly the same experience with Ubuntu 11.10 (on usb stick). After having updated, it asked for her password (which I do not know).

  • I like it.