Create Bootable Ubuntu 10.04 Installation Disk with Unetbootin

Ubuntu 10.04 is available from the Ubuntu homepage in various flavors. You can chose the one best suited to your need but the problem here is that most of them are ISO files and you will go around looking for a CD to burn the ISO.

Let me tell you, that is not necessary. You can install Ubuntu from a portable hard-drive or a thumb drive also. All you need is a simple application named Unetbootin which is available for Windows and is built into Ubuntu.

In Windows

Go to the Unetbootin SourceForge hosting page to download it. The download is sized at under 500 KB and has options to create a bootable drive for installing Ubuntu from a downloaded ISO. It can also download Ubuntu and create the bootable disk automatically.

In Ubuntu

Go to the Create Startup Disk option under System->Administration->Create a USB startup disk. Here you will find a simple interface explaining it all.

These are the two methods to create bootable Ubuntu disks in both Windows and Ubuntu. Now that you know how to install ,get hold of a thumb drive, download the ISO and follow this installation guide.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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  • Indian Art

    Nice, thanks!

  • Leon

    I have tried it in windows using Ubuntu 10.04 disk image and it doesnt work!!!

    • Aggelos

      my too… it’s says “boot error”

  • Jakew

    Yeah, doesn’t work. “Boot error.” Should test this stuff before you post it on your site … :-(

  • steven

    that works- but you can do a full install on usb too- just select it as your clean install location to get full su privileges and be able to use the usb’s full capacity (live is limeted to 4gig) my problem is i’m getting all the apps i want for it and need to know how to make a custom install disk/usb from a fully installed ubuntu. (when fully installed it will not have the install option any more-even on a usb. but i would like to put my full usb install onto a hardrive.