Create And Host Your Own Mixtapes With Opentape

About two years ago, Muxtape, a service that would allow anyone to search for, and create playlists and share songs with friends was shut down after running into legal troubles with the music industry and RIAA. It came up later, but nothing like before. The most unique feature of Muxtape was it’s clear, clutter free design and usability. But then it shut down…and well, so did the mixtapes.

Enter OpenTape. A Muxtape style application, that you can host on your own server and create as many mixtapes with it as you like. 

Setting it up is pretty easy actually. You download the open source package, extract it and then upload it to your server. Then upload a few tracks and voila! Your mixtape is ready. A totally personal, muxtape styled experience at your disposal. You can now share the link of the Opentape powered mixtape with all your friends.

Opentape works with most major browsers and requires Apache and Php at its backend to work .


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