Crazy Linux Fans Are Messing up Departmental Store Computers
By on March 18th, 2010

Is it just me or something is seriously wrong with FOSS fanatics! I was stumbling through websites and came across this stupid website with a stupid page which goes all gaga about something called PCjacking.

I had not heard of that term until I was surprised to see, it even made to a Wikipedia entry! From what I could figure out, PCjacking is an art of messing up with departmental store computers by quietly installing Linux on them to promote Linux. This of-course is an unauthorized install.

Needless to say, this process involves great risk to your respect, supposed sanity and public profile.

Wikipedia describes this art as,

PCjacking is the act of putting a Linux Live CD in a public computer, such as one located in a department store or public library, and rebooting it into Linux. The reason for this is to show people that Windows isn’t the only operating system available and that there are alternatives. PCjacking does not damage the hijacked PC and does not alter any settings.

Some more digging around revealed that these crazy guys have got 696 Diggs! These fanatics are using a Knoppix Live CD and have got a website to their assistance. According to them, this is an opportunity for them to let people know about other Operating Systems than Windows.

They also advise people to try this stunt but let me warn you. Do not. Out of all the things this in-your-face attitude can do to you, getting chased and beaten up is the most probable of them.

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