Coming Soon: Android Powered Cars

We have seen Android on cellphones, on Tablet PC’s, on netbooks and now, Android is powering cars.

World’s first Android powered car, the ┬áRoewe 350 is coming soon. The car is manufactured by Roewe which is a Chinese company and the unit of the car powered by Android version 2.1 is the GPS device. The GPS device in the car can connect to the Internet and suggest routes based on real time traffic records and reports. It also connects to chat and this feature can be helpful in maintaining safety.

Thenextweb writes on Roewe saying,

For those not familiar with the Roewe brand, the company is an amalgamation of the Chinese company SAIC and the old British car manufacturer Rover/MG. According to TwitTown, SAIC bought the Rover 25 and 75 models in 2004, just before MG Rover went into administration, producing the cars in China under both the MG and Roewe names.

The car will be launched at the Beijing auto show next month.

Android is making vast progress and is getting more and more scalable. It is claiming installs on more and more devices every day and the acceptance of Android code into the Linux kernel is another determining factor behind the authority Android has gained.

The positive acceptance Android has received from manufacturers, developers and users is proving most beneficial to us all.

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