CodePlex gets Revamped, Earns More Credibility

Microsoft’s CodePlex Foundation has announced some additions to its board including Jim Jagielski, who was the co-founder of the ASF (Apache Software Foundation). News is that Miguel de Icaza, the leader of the Mono project will also leave his position for someone new to take over. The same follows for a number of interim board members.

Basically, CodePlex is being restructured to make it look better and get some more credibility into it. CodePlex was formed to involve proprietary software developers in Open-Source software development and to reflect Microsoft’s support for Open Source. But instead, it attracted the attention of FOSS fanatics in a totally opposite way.

This move by CodePlex will change the way people think about CodePlex and earn it some credibility in the FOSS world. Jagielski, who is the chairman at the ASF board of Directors, has been the CTO at Zend and is also the Chief Open Source Officer at SpringSource. His inclusion into CodePlex surely adds weight to it.

In a recent statement, Jagielski remarked saying,

CodePlex has a unique opportunity to further increase the importance and acceptance of open source, especially within environments which have, up to now, been resistant to it.

The usability of CodePlex was reflected in the successful adoption of the KDE for Windows and the cross-platform availability of Banshee and Tomboy notes. CodePlex is rightfully spreading Open-Source software after all and is offering whatever it can. It seems like it is finally, time for us to embrace CodePlex.
[Via: arstechnica ]

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