Canonical Introduces Support For Syncing Mobile Phones With UbuntuOne

Canonical, the company behind the popular linux distro Ubuntu, has teamed up with Funambol to provide Mobile Phone syncing support with UbuntuOne.

In case you do not know, UbuntuOne is an online storage and backup service owned by Canonical. It is currently available for free to everyone, although users can pay for more storage space. Funambol is an American corporation that earns revenue from its dual-licensing business model that includes commercial software and free open source mobile data synchronization software based on the Funambol core project. (from Wikipedia)

This new service that Canonical is introducing in UbuntuOne means that UbuntuOne users will now be able to sync the contacts in their mobile phone with UbuntuOne’s Contact. The new mobile sync feature is built upon the existing Contact sync feature that UbuntuOne already has. Users need to synchronize the contact in their computer   (Evolution and Thunderbird) with UbuntuOne first, then they can synchronize it with their mobile phone.

Since Funambol is providing the mobile syncing functionalities, the Mobile Sync feature in UbuntuOne already supports most of the mobile handset models. For iPhone users, there will be an app available in the app-store soon.

Right now this service is available to every UbuntuOne user for free. However, once Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx is released, this feature will become a part of the UbuntuOne paid service and will be available only for a 30-days trial to non-paying users of UbuntuOne.

You can read more about the how to set up this service in your phone in the Ubuntu Wiki.

[via Ubuntu One Blog]

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