Calculator Application For Ubuntu Maverick Now Faster Than Chromium!

A new version of GCalctool, the default calculator application used in Ubuntu has been released. The new version (5.31.1) has some changes, most notably its speed. It is now faster than Chromium. (Yes the browser. If you do not get it, I suggest you read Jogre Castro’s blog post.)

Here is a list of the changes with GCalctool 5.31.1 :

  • New color scheme, as you have already seen from the picture above.
  • It starts really fast.
  • Keyboard input and accessibility works without any problems.

Although it is supposed to come with Maverick, you can install it from the PPA if you are using Lucid. To do it, open the terminal and execute the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:robert-ancell/gcalctool
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gcalctool

2 thoughts on “Calculator Application For Ubuntu Maverick Now Faster Than Chromium!”

  1. Awesome improvements. Can't seem to expand the window any bigger than the default though. Hopefully that will come soon.

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