Bugs in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Final Release

Ubuntu 10.04 final release came amidst speculations of bugs like the X.Org memory leak and there are no major bugs till now except for the ones which have been there in Ubuntu core itself for a long time.

A blog has listed down an extensive set of Ubuntu 10.04 (“Lucid Lynx”) bugs. You can see the page at LinuxCommands.com.

  • The major factor giving rise to these bugs are latest untested products and features Ubuntu has put into this supposedly final build. Even Windows 7 pre-beta release was better in this respect.
  • As soon as I started the bootable thumb drive, I saw a welcome bootsplash image which was out of sync from the monitor. Its size being a small boxes, the animation was happening at an odd place.
  • I was unable to connect to the Internet through my TataPhoton Plug2Surf. I had to write a wvdial to even see it detected.
  • The resolution of my system was not detected which was supposed to be the latest feature: “Better support for detection of monitor settings”!

More bugs/reports  will be added to this list as I discover it.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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