Bugs in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Final Release

Ubuntu 10.04 final release came amidst speculations of bugs like the X.Org memory leak and there are no major bugs till now except for the ones which have been there in Ubuntu core itself for a long time.

A blog has listed down an extensive set of Ubuntu 10.04 (“Lucid Lynx”) bugs. You can see the page at LinuxCommands.com.

  • The major factor giving rise to these bugs are latest untested products and features Ubuntu has put into this supposedly final build. Even Windows 7 pre-beta release was better in this respect.
  • As soon as I started the bootable thumb drive, I saw a welcome bootsplash image which was out of sync from the monitor. Its size being a small boxes, the animation was happening at an odd place.
  • I was unable to connect to the Internet through my TataPhoton Plug2Surf. I had to write a wvdial to even see it detected.
  • The resolution of my system was not detected which was supposed to be the latest feature: “Better support for detection of monitor settings”!

More bugs/reports  will be added to this list as I discover it.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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  • Weird. It worked perfectly with me. I got a very pretty bootspash and no problem with the screen resolution.

  • Steve

    Utter nonsense, TataPhoton Plug2Surf?? what on earth is that? some obscure hardware nobody has ever heard of before.. When you install ubuntu the 1st thing you should do it goto hardware drivers and see if there is any there to activate.. most people do not realise this.. I have one of the hardest setups.. ATI 4200HD and Broadcomm wireless and hardware drivers has these ready and waiting for me to click activate and than all is good with the world, Couldn't be happier with Ubuntu 10.04, I run all my old Win progs.. DW8, Photoshop, Flash8 using wine which workd beautifully these days, but the longer I am with Ubuntu the more and more I am moving towards Linux programs because they are 100% free and in many instances are better than those old windows progs I used to use.. But for the most part, everything I would use on a win system is available on ubuntu… Filezilla, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Dropbox, Gimp, OpenOffice etc etc And for people who dont want to use Wine to run things (which is invisble btw) you just click on the icon of your win prog and it runs, you dont need to load anything in advance.. There's Quanta Plus, which without a doupt produces a better WYSIWYG experience than DW ever has..

    • It is basically a Huawei CDMA device..not some obscure hardware.

      I have one of the hardest setups.. ATI 4200HD and Broadcomm wireless and hardware drivers has these ready and waiting for me to click activate and than all is good with the world.

      I used to have a worse one. My display resolution never detected, so I needed to add a monitor modeline to my xorg.conf. It was not as simple as going to the hardware drivers and making a few clicks if you know what I am talking about. Next thing, I always compile and use the latest driver from nVidia which is never supported.

      Quanta Plus is for KDE. So finally, what was that which you wanted to say in this comment?

  • Syd

    Worked perfectly for me, too. You might have gotten a corrupted download; try checking the MD5 hash of the file to see if it matches the hash list from Ubuntu.

  • Let's face it, Ubuntu still isn't quite there. I'll wait for a few further incarnations before I'll consider it as a viable alternative to Windows. I hope this happens soon though!

  • W.S. Blevins

    The bugs I found in Ubuntu Linux version 10.04 are too numerous to mention. It's as though Canonical's quality control went on vacation prior to release. Seriously, it is a real POS. Avoid it at all cost. My advice is to stay with version 9.04 for a good long while.

    • Cherub

      By the mere mention of version 9.04, I choose to totally ignore this comment.

    • In my opinion, make the switch. It is an LTS and fixes will keep on releasing.

  • @W.S. Blevins
    – Could you list a few of the worst bugs. I am trying to decide whether to upgrade from 9.10
    @G Web
    – I think Ubuntu is ready for general use PROVIDING people have access to someone technical that can help with upgrades (they are still difficult to do). The only thing I find Ubuntu is missing is a good sound system and good support for standby & hibernation.

    • Good support for standby and hibernation!!! Good sound system, yes. It lacks that.
      And as far as upgrade is concerned, there are many ways to do that. We have a post on Upgrading to Ubuntu 10.04 too.

  • eric

    Sound never work properly ever since the switched to pulseaudio.