Booting Linux in One Second or Less

MontaVista is the leading innovator in embedded Linux technologies. Way back in 1999, it took the Linux kernel and made it into something that the  founder Jim Ready likes to call Pure Linux. This embedded Linux version was later released under the GPL.

Most embedded technologies are based on RTOS but MontaVista has changed the Linux kernel to use it as the base Operating System and not just another RTOS with Linux running as a task. The development on this is fast paced but another of MontaVista’s attempts is to boot the Linux Kernel in less than one second. Alexander Kaliadin, Nikita Youshchenko, and Cedric Hombourger are working on both the one second boot time and the real time Linux projects.

The good news here is that the boot time on one second, although possible on embedded devices for now, are not strictly limited to them and can be achieved in desktop builds as well. But since Laptops and notebooks are a lot different from embedded devices, to achieve a one second boot time, Kaliadin says,

We had to devise a set of new techniques in both the kernel and the boot loader.

This change will work wonders for Linux and will be a breakthrough step in embedded Linux technologies.

The boot will be demoed at the Virtual Freescale Technology Forum from July 14 16.

[Via: EDN ]

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