ApacheCon 2009: Free Live Stream and 10th Birthday

The Apache Software Foundation is organizing the ApacheCon 2009 at Oakland, California. The conference deals specifically in the Apache HTTP server. It is a five day conference and is being held from November 2nd to November 6th. It also celebrates the 10th anniversary of ASF.

The conference offers excellent insight into the Apache HTTP server and this time, the conference is being streamed live, sponsored by Collabnet, Linux Pro Magazine Online and the Apache Software Foundation(ASF).

Important live streams to check out are:

“Hardening Enterprise Apache Installations Against Attacks” by Sander Temme which will stream at 1000 hrs and

“Recent Developments in SSL and Browsers” by Rick Andrews which streams at 1630 hrs

on the 5th of November and:

“How Open Source Developers Can (Still!) Save The World” by ┬áBrian Behlendorf at 1215 hrs and

“Realtime Search” by Jason Rutherglen at 1500 hrs which will also be the last stream from the conference.

All times is Pacific Day Time.

Although attending the conference needs a registration, you can attend the meetups for free.

Check out the live streams at the website here.

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