Apache Cassandra Version 0.6 Release

Apache Software Foundation has recently announced the release of the Apache Cassandra Version 0.6. Apache Cassandra is a leading Open Source, NoSQL distributed database management system.


Cassandra is best described as,

Apache Cassandra is an advanced, second-generation “NoSQL” distributed data store that has a shared-nothing architecture. The Cassandra decentralized model provides massive scalability, and is highly available with no single point of failure even under the worst scenarios.

Clearly, it is a NoSQL database system and has a decentralized model making all the distributed components participating equally and eliminating the need of a single management point. This makes it reliable and prevents failures.

Cassandra is widely popular and is used in services like Cisco WebEx, Cloudkick, Digg, Facebook, Rackspace, Reddit, and Twitter. Facebook is an integral part in the development of Cassandra.

Chris Goffinet, Performance and Availability Architect of Digg commented on this release saying,

Digg is very excited to see Cassandra mature in the last year and graduate to a top-level Apache project. Cassandra is powering our next generation infrastructure, and allowing us to run in an environment that demands data access in datacenters around the world.

The new features in the version 0.6 are mainly speed centric. There is a 30% speed improvement in speed. Another feature is the Integrated Row Cache. This eliminates any need for an external caching layer. This makes the implementation and deployment a lot simpler.

The new version of Cassandra brings good news in times when Internet users and website loads are increasing tenfold.

Download Cassandra at http://cassandra.apache.org

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