Android Source Will Make it to the Linux Kernel

Google Android is a fork of Linux. The last time Google made an attempt to get its Android code into the Linux kernel, it failed.
But, this time in a recent reply to ZDNet, Google’s Chris DiBona has said,

I would be comfortable saying that we’ll likely merge into the mainline in the next couple of years,DiBona said in an e-mail response to this ZDNet blogger’s questions about the controversy. Android is no more [a fork] than Red Hat Enterprise Linux or any other distribution vendor. All kernels are in some way a fork for some amount of time, the trick is keeping that delta small. We’re trying to do a better job of keeping a small delta.

Chris DiBona is the open source and public sector engineering manager at Google. The last time, Google Android code was not included into the Linux kernel, as Google failed to provide the necessary changes and subsystem code required by

But adding to this, he has also said that the Android code is a lot different from the Linux code and it will take time before the actual mobile system is integrated into the kernel. One thing that DiBona hopes to see is the code going into Linux kernel version 2.8.

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  • Google can't wait all this big time lapse to introduces its code, it's simply a looot of time! We need this movements a lot faster, but well thought, if we want all the benefits of Android into the mainline Linux kernel.