Amarok Maya Gold Release

Amarok has released its version 2.2.2 of Amarok, codenamed Maya Gold. Amarok is the best music player for Linux and is based on KDE. It offers many features which completely rock and some of the noteworthy are:

  • Real time search
  • Minified library database and easy management
  • In built support for integration
  • In built support for subtitles
  • Pluggable look and feel

These simple features come inbuilt into Amarok or can be added with a few additional scripts of minimal sizes. Not only this, Amarok can also fetch track information from the Internet.

The latest version of Amarok, named Amarok 2.2.2 “Maya Gold” has added a new feature of Moodbar. This moodbar can be changed according to our mood. Also, editing of lyrics is now possible with a simple keypress.

The latest version 2.2.2 has brought amendments to many bugfixes here and has added the support for custom labels, allowing us to tag and label our music. This allows customisation at multiple levels. Also, podcast support has been revised and edited to make it optimal for a full fledged use. Podcasts can be automatically fetched in an intelligent manner from an OPML. Also, existing podcasts are ignored. This gives Amarok all the features one would possibly want in a music player.

Get Amarok here.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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