After MontaVista, Ubiquitous Corp Claims a One Second Boot Time

Ubiquitous Corp, a Tokyo based company has claimed a boot time on one second. This technology which they are calling QuickBoot can boot any Linux of Android in one second and has a wide implementation. We have see MontaVista trying this earlier but Ubiquitous Corp has finally claimed this feat.

On the release of QuickBoot 1.0, Ubiquitous Corp remarked,

QuickBoot Release 1.0 preferentially restores memory areas necessary for booting from nonvolatile storage to RAM.

This technology is possible to implement on ARM and low power tech-toys. The smaller boot time makes this technology suitable for devices like Set Top Boxes (STBs), cellphones and Television which gives them plug and play capabilities.

QuickBoot is based on the fact that the loading time of an Operating System is not dependent on the amount of RAM. The technology restores portions of the memory determining the priority of each of them. This makes the boot process significantly fast and implements greater power saving on ARM chips which are already power efficient.

QuickBoot is also planning to extend to multiple CPU architectures. The company also wishes to support multiple Operating Systems in future. This might probably include the Meego, Moblin and other low-power Operating Systems.

A faster boot time has become a big dream for all Linux distros. It started with Ubuntu aiming for a 10 second boot time and now the Android kernel is booting up in a second. The technical implementation of the faster boot of Ubuntu is not as much as that of Android as it makes them suitable for a completely new host of hardware.

[ Via: linuxfordevices ]

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