Adobe joins Linux Wireless group LiMo

US based software firm Adobe, now is officially a part of the Wireless Linux group LiMo. LiMo focuses on the development of Linux for mobile devices, especially hand-held devices like cellphones.

Linux is the current dominant OS with regard to development and growth. Nokia released its high end N900 based on Linux, we have the Linux based Android platform fast being accepted by major players from HTC to Samsung. Not only this, the competition from Symbian OS has been dampened to a huge extent given the level of customization and hacks possible on a Linux based cellphone OS.

The head of Limo,Morgan Gillis has remarked correctly in saying,

No other operating system now matches the vendor coverage of Linux — it is being commercially deployed by virtually all leading mobile device vendors from the largest downwards.

Limo includes some of the worlds biggest players from the mobile section including Samsung, Vodafone and now Adobe. The main aim of LiMo is to give telecom operators a greater say over the software development for mobile platforms.

Adobe, being a company which deals in widely popular web-based technologies, forms an integral part of LiMo with its close to 1.6 million developers.

More and more operating systems based on Linux creates more and more support issues for telecom handset developers. In coming years, resolving this redundancy issues will be a prime target for LiMo.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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