A Look at Lubuntu 10.04 Beta 1

With the upcoming 10.04 release of Ubuntu and its various variants, a new variant has been added to the list of official variants – Lubuntu. Like Kubuntu and Xubuntu, Lubuntu is basically Ubuntu with another desktop environment. Lubuntu uses LXDE as its GUI, as opposed to GNOME which is used in Ubuntu.

LXDE is a very light desktop environment that is rapidly gaining quite a few followers. LXDE stands for Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment. Advantages of LXDE are:

  • It is extremely fast.
  • It is both energy and system resource efficient.
  • It runs well in systems with low configuration.

Since LXDE is making an appearance in the official Ubuntu family for the first time, here are some screenshots of Lubuntu 10.04 Beta:

Lubuntu 10.04 Startup Screen
Lubuntu 10.04 Desktop
File Manager in Lubuntu 10.04

The some of the default applications in Lubuntu 10.04 are:

  • Image Viewer – GPicView
  • File Manager – PCManFM
  • Graphics – MTPaint
  • Music Player – Aqualung
  • Web Browser – Chromium
  • Terminal – Lxterminal

You can view the proposed final application list at the Lubuntu Wiki.

[image credit: Open Source Critic]

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