48 Hours With Open Source, can a Student Survive?

Zack Whittaker is a student at the University of Kent, Canterbury, known for his insight into the next generation and is the youngest in the ZDNet authors network.

He has taken the bold step of breaking away from the bonds of using paid and costly closed source software, especially the ones from Microsoft. This, as he writes, is a part of his New Year’s resolution and he is keen on making it work.

He is doing this on an experimental view. Zack is currently studying Criminology and thinks about using computers from the point of view of a general non-technical student like he is now, although, he has studied Computer Science earlier.

He will start using Ubuntu 9.10, starting Monday, the 11th at Midday London time and even better, will live blog his experience. This event if successful, can help Ubuntu reach even more of audiences who are still afraid to use it. The live blog can be found at the post on ZDNet. Apparently, this is not the first time Zack is doing one of these 48 hours experiments. He did a similar 48 hour cloud test on an earlier occasion. We expect him to have a wonderful overall experience this time, as this will help Ubuntu by bringing in more users. If you need any help Zack, you can always refer to our Ubuntu posts at Techie-Buzz for help.

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