3D Web: WebGL Standard Draft now Brings it Closer to Reality

We all love graphics. And when it is 3D, we might find it exciting too. Well, till now, this 3D graphics capabilities reminded us only of 3D computer games and graphics applications.
Though with HTML5 and the latest WebGL draft released this Thursday, things are about to change and we will see a 3D web sometime soon.

WebGL is a royalty-free, cross-platform API that brings OpenGL ES 2.0 to the web as a 3D drawing context within HTML5’s Canvas element, exposed as low-level interfaces within the Document Object Model.

The WebGL project is managed by the Khronos Group and backed by major players in the browser and Internet industry, like Mozilla, Opera, Apple and Google. The release of this draft code is bringing the standard closer to being realized. The WebGL project has simply released a WebKit derived draft code and this does not in any way mean that the 3D web is now already a standard, as believed by many.

Those interested in tinkering with the derived code, can do so with a GPU powered by OpenGL to render WebGL 3D graphics. The WebGL will become a standard sometime next year and you can read more on this here.

Currently WebGL support is available in all major browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox etc.

To enable WebGL support in Firefox nightly builds,

  • Go to the address bar and type “about:config”
  • Enter webgl in the search bar
  • Toggle “enabled_for_all_sites” to true

A 3D web has been a long wish and will add a new dimension to our browsing experience.

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