Yahoo Messenger 10 Review & Download

recently retired the Vista version of the IM client, however you can still download YM Vista, that aside Yahoo is working on Yahoo Messenger 10, a newer client with better multilingual support and more features.

A pre-alpha version of Yahoo Messenger 10 is doing the rounds of the internet, and we got our hands on it to check it out.


The first change you will notice is the addition of a choice to select the language before you sign into YM.


After logging in you will notice a change from the earlier interface of YM 9, and options to view the updates broadcasted by your friends.


You will see a small notification in the bottom of the screen whenever a contact broadcasts updates to their profiles.


You can also see all the updates by clicking on the Y! Updates button in the main messenger window.


Managing and sorting contacts has also been made easier in YM10, you can sort contacts by name, availability or activity.


YM10 also adds some new options in the preferences, for language, voice and video devices and to manage update, however voice and video chat seems to be disabled right now.


In addition to that there are easy links to manage you pingbox and the updates that you broadcast to your profile.


YM 10 does not have that many features right now, but we definitely would see a lot more features in future releases. The file has been tested for spywares, malwares and viruses and is completely clean. Thanks Sandip.

Download Yahoo Messenger 10

8 thoughts on “Yahoo Messenger 10 Review & Download”

  1. YM 10 can only video cam with only 10 beta, can not video cam with other version. so if you have Version 10 beta, you better hope the other one have to upgrade to the same version as you do inorder to view their cam. Or they can not view your cam if they have different version as you are. 3. When you are on the video conference with one person, you can not use another computer to sign it off. The conversation on the first computer will be still going on, the status will just turn in to invisible, but you can still talk with the other person. I don’t know what happened, maybe it’s one of their security hole I hope?

  2. I am writing on behalf of someone else. She downloaded YM10 and is completely ignorant as am I. Please send me a link to where I can watch a video tutorial on the basic use of YM, how to add contacts in and out of YAHOO, how to initiciate an IM in YM, from what screen, from what icon, ect. Just the basics please. Things like a PING BOX, video calls, voice calls ect do not apply to her. thank you.

  3. yahoo messenger version 10 is great! voice and and video calls not working at all. I don’t have plan to upgrade my old yahoo messenger version it’s just that I have reformat my pc.

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