Display Images/Thumbnails With Related Posts in WordPress

I am a big fan of Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) which is the best WordPress related posts plugin available today. However, quite recently I started using a widget from Linkwithin. The plus point of Linkwithin widget was that it displayed images along with the related posts.

Linkwithin did a pretty good job with the widget. However, I was not entirely satisfied with it as the related posts were no where near as good as what YARPP showed.

To my joy, I did find a nice tutorial that allows you to create a custom YARPP template that will make it look quite similar to a Linkwithin widget.

Related Posts with Thumbnails/Images on Website

We also have it in action on this very blog and our also in our RSS feed. At the end of the post you will see a custom YARPP template in action, which displays images along with the related posts.

Related Posts with Thumbnails/Images in RSS Feeds

If you want to build a similar related posts section visit this tutorial from Build Internet to create related posts with thumbnails. You can choose to style your related posts in any way by customizing the CSS code.

If you are not keen to make code changes, you can make use of other plugins that perform the same job.

  1. Related posts with thumbnails
  2. Rich Related Posts

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  • I have find a quick and easy to install and customize Recent Post Widget with thumbnails. You can install it in minute with hassle-free complicated manual code installation.

  • Wow…at last i found this article. i used YARPP and have the same problem. Thanks Keith and i'll try to customize the CSS code.

  • Turned it on for my blog. Let's see how it goes. It needs a bit more customization options though.

  • Nice post about YARPP Keith, and of course I like the use of post thumbnail instead of using only text.

    BTW, I made similar effort about YARPP too. It is also about post thumbnail. And I also made additional effort to overlay the text over the image on a transparent background.

    My implementation details can be found here: http://suhanto.net/yarpp-template-post-thumbnails/.

    Thanks for sharing, and thanks for approving my comment…

  • Amazing, this is what i have been looking for. The best related post was not working on my theme, not sure why. But let me try this one out.

  • Wow, Thanks Keith, This is what I was looking for, Nice Thumbs with Related Posts.

  • Simon

    I have been using this plugin for my website http://www.holidays2cyprus.com and all the hotels appear at the bottom of the page – it’s a nice plugin!