Study: Women Kickass in Online Gaming, Men come second

Usually playing games is associated more with men, and many of the gaming consoles are usually called as "Boy Toys". However, a recent study reveals surprising results.


According to a study by University of California, women spend more time in online role playing games than men. The study was conducted by Dmitri Williams and surveyed 7000 anonymous players of EverQuest II. Among the surveyed players, 80% were men. The survey threw up some interesting numbers, including the fact that females spent 29 hours a week playing online games, as compared to 27 hours a week by males.

The women play more intensely than the guys do,Williams said. They’re less likely to quit, and they’re happier playing.

Out of the total women, the top 10% spent 57 hours a week on average playing online games, whereas the average for men was 49 hours a week. The survey was conducted over three days and the average age of the players was 31.

Looking at the entire report, one can definitely say that this was totally unexpected. What do you think?

You can download or view the entire study online here. (Google Docs Viewer link for PDF file)

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