Best Windows Task Manager Alternatives / Replacements

Lets be honest, the default Windows task manager is too trivial and does not gel well for advanced needs, yes it is useful to kill tasks see running processes and simple information, but for a advanced user it is a bit of a dampener.

But is that the only option available to users to manage tasks and processes? Well not exactly, there are tons of utilities and software that do a much better job than the default windows task manager.

In this post we will take a look at some of the best Windows task manager alternatives/replacements that are worthwhile to download and use.

Sysinternals Process Explorer


This is by far one of the best tool to manage tasks and processes on Windows, in fact it was so popular that Microsoft eventually bought out the whole company and their suite of tools.

With Sysinternals you can monitor processes, memory usage, CPU usage and lots of other information that will be useful to advanced users.

The best part about this tool is that you can easily suspend memory hogging tasks without having to completely kill it, this can be pretty useful when a particular application is using too much memory and CPU and you may want to just suspend the task till you finish other important work. Read more on how you can suspend memory hogging tasks instead of killing them using Process explorer.


Process explorer also shows a tree based view of processes, so you can easily identify which process was started by whom.

Process Explorer is a and does not require any installation.

Download Process Explorer

Yet Another Process Monitor


YAPM is yet another process monitor that is similar to process explore but with much more features.

The good thing about YAPM is that it provides users with a tabbed interface to navigate through different things.

Another interesting aspect of this tool is that you can also use it to monitor processes, threads of another PC in your network. YAPM is portable software and does not require any installation, just unzip and use.

Download Yet Another Process Monitor

AnVir Task Manager Free


Anvir Task Manager Free is another alternative to the Windows Task Manager, this tool allows you monitor the processes, services, startup programs and more.

Please note while installing the software it will show you an option to install a toolbar, make sure to uncheck that if you don’t want install it.

Download Anvir Task Manager Free

These are some of the best task manager replacements/alternatives we have come across, do you use any other tools to manage tasks and processes? Do let us know about them.

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