Windows Mobile 7 Not Coming at Mobile World Congress

Ok, I have confirmed news that Windows Mobile 7 is not coming out at MWC. This news has been confirmed for me by an insider who I would not want to expose.

Before, you start going at my credentials or those of my insider let me put few facts in place:

  • Microsoft relies on pre-release publicity for their products and there has been none for Windows Mobile 7.
  • Microsoft tests their products on OEMs and let’s them demo it, however, nothing of that sort has happened with Windows Mobile 7.

Here is a brief of what my insider source told me:

Windows Mobile 7 is still being developed, you will see a demo of it soon. It is there right but not there yet. I work my ass out and we are all under pressure but I cannot reveal what or when the beta or RC will be ready. It should be ready sooner than later but do not expect it to come out in a month or two and definitely not by next month.

We have a beta and RC process of a month or two and we are at Alpha right now. Based on this you assume what you want. But if you know your release cycles well you will know how much time it takes to get from Alpha to Beta and Beta to RCxx and from there to final.

So unfortunately, Windows Mobile 7 might come out sometime soon, but don’t expect it to come out at MWC, unlike earlier it should be ready for devices to start testing it, but yes it is certainly not going to be there at MWC.

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